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SKIRT BOARS & Belt Edging / Sealing

STOCK # 1665 400° HOT MATERIAL - 65 DURO

Exceptional heat load and aging characteristics, this all Chlorobutyl compounded stock is indispensable when it counts the most. This high temperature resistant skirt board can handle hot foundry / cement applications where most skirt boards cannot. Factory stocked in 3/8″ – 1/2″ thickness and precut into all the most popular widths. This hard to find item is ready to roll for immediate service.

STOCK # 2260 GRD II / SBR - 60 DURO

This is the same high tensile strength compound as used on PRC GRD II Conveyor belts. As fine a grade of skirt board as there is on the World market. Long wearing, prevents damage to the belt with minimal vibration and glides easily over belt splices. All PRC chute lining is pressed cured in 48″ wide continuous slab rolls and cut into various widths to form skirt board up to 1-1/2″ thick. Virtually any PRC stock can be made to suit your need including: GRD I, HyFlex, and MOR, provided the quantity is sufficient.


Designated #28-53 by the Mine Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, this grade is made exactly the same as above GRD II chute lining; press cured, using side bar edge irons for uniform gauge and square edges. While stopping material loss, it also eliminates safety concerns and is used where flame out protection or spark free service is required. Recommended for underground mining and where high concentrations of dust particles are present.

STOCK # 2280 GRD II / SBR - 80 DURO

Long popular as a belt wiper and a forerunner to the myriad of expensive unwieldy urethane blades. Mounts virtually anywhere with minimal tools or welding odd tensioning apparatus to your system. Used as both primary and secondary belt cleaners and as skirt board under heavy abuse applications. Still, an inexpensive solution to reign in fugitive material for maximum impact.


PRC GRD II cover stocks make this the finest product on the world market. By adding a reinforcement ply of fabric to our standard chute lining makes mounting easier in hoppers and sloped sheets.

Factory produced in 48″ wide widths by continuous lengths, slit, and custom cut, it will not rot or mildew due to an all synthetic carcass. Duck Back Chute Lining greatly extends equipment life with low noise and vibration problems at critical loading points.


Upon request, Price Rubber can provide either single or double 45° bevel edge for self sealing skirt board rubber. Nearly any width or thickness can be done this way. The cost is nominal but the service is worth it.