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POWER STAR MSHA / Nitrile (Scorf)


Power Star is custom formulated and precision built for Coal-Handling in Power Generation and Prep-Plant Facilities. This Super compound not only resists durometer “Creep” but also limits plasticizer extraction where leaching agents and dust suppressants can dry out the armoring cover. Meaning, the high quality “Flame-Out” SBR stock will not harden or glassify due to the additional Nitrile blend within the mix keeping your investment “Alive” load after load.

Custom built on an array of moisture resistant polyester carcasses, our balanced constructions with full and proper cushioning skims, minimizes ply grind  and belt cupping. These all poly constructions are diametrically stable keeping belt stretch to a minimum, of 1-1.5%.

Coupled by being Made to Width, Coal Star will not only run true from the start but will reduce valuable downtime during “Break – In” by this all-important aspect!

Meets all Surface Conductivity Tests Defined by ASTM D257 & Required by OSHA.