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PRC GRD I / GRX Hard Rock Mining


This is the Premium Grade of belt in the conveyor market. It is made with the highest tensile compound and the strongest adhesions of any belt offered. These higher physicals are intended to produce a  belt that is outstanding in resistance to cutting, gouging, and general abrasion.

Like premium Off-the-Road (OTR) earth mover tires, this compound imparts cut and tear resistance to the covers that is not yet duplicated by lower grade elastomers. Since the life of any conveyor belt is directly related to the abrasion resistance of the covers and the flexible adhesions of the carcass plies, this premium compound generally yields more life per dollar than lesser grades. Especially recommended for the most severe applications, such as heavy rock, slag, cutlet, sharp stone, granite and other truly sharp and heavy materials. The slightly higher initial cost is more than offset by the added life of the belt.

Outstanding performance against cutting, gouging, & general abrasion.