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HIGH HEAT / 300° Hot Sand & Coke


An economical and long lasting compound for industry handling rough abrasive materials used in moderate or difficult weather conditions where normal compounds give short life. Extra antioxidant is added to the SBR base which will turn this stock into an excellent heat and abrasion resistant belt that will take temperature spikes as high as 300° F. (150° C.) in lump form or 250° F. (121° C.) for hot bake loads.

Exceeds current ARPM (Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers) Grade I thresholds and most foreign or unpublished cover grades of similar standing. This PRC stock is also available in a Grade I master batch, creating an Abrasion High Heat cut and gouge resistant cover stock in excess of 3050 lb. tensile strength.

This belt does the job even in the mojave desert.