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PRC GRD II / GTX Heavy Aggregate


Long the workhorse of the conveyor belt market, this grade of belt serves in more systems than any other grade. All synthetic fabrics are put together with 2400 lb. tensile rubber stocks to yield up to 85 lb. adhesions between carcass. The compound goes all the way through the belt to form a homogenous product that is difficult to get apart or to wear out. This belt has a reputation unmatched in the industry.

PRC GRADE II X-TRA belt is used in a a very broad spectrum of industry to handle everything from sand and gravel to fertilizer and lead ore. Price Rubber mixes this compound with enough antioxidants and anti ozonants to make it last for years in sunlight and weather. Some of the world’s largest belts have been made from this stock up to 10′ diameter and weight of 40.000 lbs. in one piece can be produced in our Montgomery factory they don’t come any bigger or last any longer.

Made to width & length, price belts run true from the start.