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Bolt Hinge

Flexco BH Bolt Hinge

For belts operating over smaller pulleys – such as in construction equipment and road machinery – Bolt Hinged fasteners are strong, dependable and easy-to-install.

Designed as a compression fastener, Bolt Hinged is fastened to the belt ends with high tensile strength bolts. These compress the plates in the belt cover. Additional holding capability is provided by the fastener teeth that inbed in the belt without damage to the belt carcass. So splice tension is distributed across the entire plate width and teeth secure the fastener to resist pull-out.

Hinged construction makes Bolt Hinged fasteners ideal for many types of machinery that use smaller pulleys but still require a high-strength splice. And for applications requiring frequent belt-length alterations, the joint can be separated simply by removing the hinge pin.

On-site installation requires only portable hand or power tools. A specially designed templet and boring tool or belt punch quickly and accurately punches bolt holes into belts. Installation is also simplified by our exclusive piloted bolt. Tapered bolt tips cradle nuts securely in place and eliminate the need to twist nuts onto bolts by hand during installation setup.