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TopFlite Rubber Co. Mixing Plant in Guntersville, Alabama, we supply many millions of pounds of tread stocks every year to retread plants across America. This is the newest and most efficient mixing mill line in the industry!
This plant produces Extruded Die-Size (Camelback) and Ribbon Strip especially designed for cold-feed extruders common in the recap industry. This mixing plant feeds our pre-cure tread presses as well as our conveyor belt factory at Montgomery and dozens of other rubber manufacturers.

Slab Stock

Slab Stock, a fully compounded material, is available fromTopFlite. It is ban bury mixed, mill-stripped in 28-inch wide sheets, coated, cooled and stacked on skids. Slab stock is also available in custom mixed compounds for mechanical goods and industrial tire manufacturers.

Ribbon Strip

TopFlite provides ribbon strip that is specifically designed for cold-feed extruders. All strip formulations are thoroughly mixed, extruded into desired strip size, cooled in refrigerated water, dried, coated and packaged for customer convenience.
This product is available on skids and in various cardboard container sizes.